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SASL Asia Cup

Meet Team Bangladesh


An experience of top SASL players such as Anwar Sadat and Salman Quader mixed in with some rookies. This team is looking to play spoiler and surprise some of the top teams in the tournament.


Chairperson: Pervez Khan, Salman Khan

Captain: Anwar Sadat


Anwar Sadat
Saeed Anwar
Pervez Khan
Sayem Khan (not playing)
Riz Rahman
Fuad Mustafa
Faisal chowdhury
Sami hossain
Saiful Ashraf
Mahdee Mustafa
Salman Quader (not playing)
Rafat Zaman
Shahed Ahmad
Sufian Chowdhury

Bangladesh Charity

In a show of unity all teams in the tournament have decided to forego their initially chosen charities and will donate their winnings to All Hand Volunteers for hurricane relief.

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