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Dan Dilorio of Layth named the Silver Slugger Winner of 2017

Dan Diolorio of Layth was awarded the South Asian Softball League Silver Slugger award.

The South Asian Softball League is proud to announce Dan Dilorio of Layth has won the 2017 Silver Slugger Award.

This award is given to the best offensive player in the League.

Dan set new SASL highs with 21 homeruns the all time high in SASL history.

How dominant was Dan? 64% of all of his hits were home runs.  Dan’s season places him in a very elite category.  Similar to the way that Amit Bhasin dominated the league in 2005 or how Pragnesh took the league by storm. Dan has become a fixture in the middle of the Layth lineup and has forced other team captains to create a “don’t let Captain America beat you” strategy.

Dan wasn’t walked much this year, especially compared to what his reputation is.  He was only walked 12 times this year which was lower than two of his teammates Yassir Quhshi and Azhar Naq.  This may have something to do with the protection that Layth provided Dan and he coming up with runners on base.

Dan came into the SASL with the pre-set nickname of Captain America.  With that type of nickname you needed to deliver and deliver he did helping Layth make the Wild Card and ultimately winning and playing Breaking Bats to the brink.

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