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SASL Asia Cup

Meet Team Afghanistan

Team Afghanistan


Chairperson – Shekib Sadiqi

Captains – Ahmad Halimi


Ahmad Halimi

Ramin Rasuli

Solyman Najimi

Hakim Najimi

Zabi Khosdal

Ali Najimi

Wahid Omarzai

Majid Raufi


In lieu of donating to their own charity. Team Afghanistan in a show of unity with all of the other players in the tournament have opted to donate their winnings to All Hands Volunteers.  All Hands Volunteers is a volunteer-powered disaster relief organization dedicated to Rebuilding Hope for people impacted by natural disasters all over the world. Over the last 12 years, they have enabled over 39,000 volunteers to donate 200,000 days impacting 500,000 people worldwide.

Afghanistan Sponsors

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About Afghanistan

Afghanistan Supporting Team

Team Afghanistan would like to thank the following people for their help in setting up this tournament.