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Asia Cup

South Asian Sports World Cup – Recap

We came, we saw, and we played with a purpose!

On October 14th, 2017:

The South Asian Sports Network World Cup finally took place.  This much anticipated event found 150 of some of our top Softball players representing 10 different countries. The combined efforts resulted in $8000+ raised for the greater good!  $6500 going towards Disaster Relief to All Hands Volunteers and $2000 towards the establishment of the South Asian Sports Scholarship (SASS)

The day began with Siddique Farooqi speaking to the crowd and explaining to the hundreds in attendance what the purpose the event was.  In an era of increasing polarization and divisiveness, everyone was together to play for a common cause. The organization had defined the purpose and the purpose was to raise money for the areas affected by the hurricanes, Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Pledge of Allegiance

Boy Scouts pack 114 led us in a pledge of Allegiance.  They were definitely nervous!

Welcome Message

Hempstead Town Councilman Anthony D’Esposito welcomed our 10 teams to America’s largest Township.  He thanked Joe Cappellino and Ammad Sheikh for choosing this township and setting up this tournament.  He gave a special thanks to the players, coaches and umpires to the Town of Hempstead.  He also had a special message of thanks from Anthony J. Santino for choosing the Town of Hempstead Parks to host this event.  Charley Robinson the Chairman of Team USA surprised Anthony D’Esposito with his very own custom team USA jersey!

All Hands Volunteers

All Hands Volunteers ( was determined to be the best charity that fit the vision of what we wanted in our tournament. They became a willing participant, giving our tournament the support and greater exposure.  They were an amazing partner that showed up early and were an active participant in the tournament.

Adam Haber one of the board members of All Hands Volunteers spoke to the crowd and talked about where All Hands Volunteers is currently operating.  Texas, Florida, Nepal, St. Thomas and Peru were just a few of the active locations that All Hands Adam Haber mentioned.

Flag Ceremony

Next up each one of our countries came up on the stage and they thanked their sponsors.

Bangladesh gave a special thanks to Elite Synergy Realty their head sponsor as well as Halal Bros of NY, The Halal Guy of NY,  and NY Halal and Co.

Dominican Republic – thanked Los Primos Barbershop in Westbury, NY for their contribution in setting up the team.

India – thanked an anonymous donor who chose to remain anonymous and just contribute to the cause.

Ireland – thanked the Kiwanis Club of Massapequa for sponsoring the team.

Israel – thanked JCR Management for sponsoring the Israeli Team

Pakistan – thanked Midas of Long Island for helping them enter the tournament

USA – thanked Bokhari Consulting CPA, and The Deck Guy for their contribution to the team

West Indies – thanked Karl Mohan Realty, Mingles Lounge, and Rays Electrical for their contribution

Every team Chairman went country by country on the stage and displayed their colors on stage.

Ammad Sheikh the founder of South Asian Sports spoke about how this event was 4 years in the making and how we have come collectively to raise funds for Hurricane relief.

We then began our pool play.


Ireland versus Bangladesh – Ireland won

Pakistan versus West Indies – Pakistan won

Ireland versus Dominican Republic – Ireland won

Pakistan versus Bangladesh – Pakistan won

West Indies versus Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic won

Ireland versus Pakistan – Ireland won

Bangladesh versus West Indies – West Indies won

Dominican Republic versus Philippines – Dominican Republic won


USA versus Israel – USA won

India versus Afghanistan – Afghanistan won

USA versus Philippines – USA won

India versus Israel – India won

Afghanistan versus Philippines – Afghanistan won

USA versus India – USA won

Afghanistan versus Israel – Israel won

Awards Ceremony 

The Town of Hempstead Clerk Nasreen Ahmed came and addressed to the crowd that had swelled at this point. She talked about the aspect of community and how important events like these were. She applauded us coming together a diverse vibrant community all in the name or raising funds for charity.  She presented the Chairman of all of the teams with Certificates of Recognition from the Town of Hempstead.


Faizal Sherif thanked all of the sponsors who made the day possible.

Bio Temper – Distributed free samples of their life style starter pack to every player in the tournament.  This was utilized by many players in the tournament. Playing in as many 6 games in the tournament led to a lot of muscle pulls and a lot of soreness. Bio Temper was much utilized.

Law Offices of Sardar Asadullah –  a dual sponsor to the event as a field sponsor as well as one of the sponsors of team Philippines.  The Law Offices specialize in addressing any and all real estate needs. Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions – Real Estate Settlement agent, and litigation.

ICS (Infinity Consulting Solutions) – provides today’s companies with flexible workforce solutions.  A full service recruitment firm specializing in all of your staffing needs.

Zara Realty – a leading housing provide in Queens and in Long Island providing safe, comfortable and affordable homes.



In the playoffs Ireland and USA started off with byes.

Dominican Republic edged out Afghanistan 4-3

A costly error in the top of the 7th inning resulted in the Dominican Republic taking the lead. In the bottom of the 7th Afghanistan had 2 chances with a runner on 2nd but they couldn’t get the tying run home.

Israel defeats Pakistan

In a much anticipated match up Israel dominated from start to finish as they got 7 runs early and never looked back winning 12-5.

USA defeats Dominican Republic

The American onslaught was too much for the Dominican team to handle as they just couldn’t keep up with the offensive and defensive juggernaut.

Ireland defeats Israel

Israel ran out of energy and injuries took a toll as Ireland even threw out one of Israels players at first base from left field.  Israel was a team that no one gave a shot to but they finished 4th in the tournament.


Ireland took an early lead against the boys in the Red White and Blue but they came roaring back on outstanding defensive plays by John Sans at Short stop and Alex Mercado at second base.  Team Ireland were hitting the ball anywhere at will but once they hit their third home run of the game, they had trouble putting hits together and USA made it’s run.

In the top of the 7th USA took their first lead 15-13.  But, Ireland was not to be denied with 1 out and the game tied Lundy hit a deep fly ball for the walk off Sacrifice fly. Ireland the tournaments oldest team with only 2 players under 50 persevered and beat team USA for the tournament victory.

Ireland wins the Gold!

USA wins the Silver