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Q and A with Khurram Syed and Asad Hamdani

We sat down and spoke to them about their season and got some really interesting information from them on the even of the South Asian Softball League Fall Finals.

Q&A with Khurram and Asad of Suicide Squad


1 – What was the pivotal moment that defined your team this year

“For us. Clearly week 2 … we lost our cool against Hit squad and realized we needed to keep our emotions in check ..we have come together after that!”

In week 2 Suicide Squad against HitSquad captain Asad was thrown out of the game and subsequently suspended for the following game. It looked like it could have been a tumultous year for this team. But, they beat the HitSquad in walk off fashion and never looked back.

2 – What was the one player who really surprised you with is contribution this year?

Khurram Syed: For us.. no quesiton it’s Asad. His commitment to his health and physical fitness has transformed his play. I am very proud of him.

Asad Hamdani: Aye I love you brother, but I would say Masoom. For someone who isn’t at 100 he gives 200.

3 – A lot of people left Dynasty for dead, how does it feel to be playing against the team that you played on for the last 3 seasons

Khurram Syed: I am proud of the guys over there and how they responded after we left ! They played us tough week 1 but for us … it was time for a change. We felt It was in the best interest of us and Dynasty for a change. And I can’t be more proud to play those guys!

4 – On a personal level you have made it to the finals 3 times before. Never winning the championship. What makes this team so different from the teams in the past. Why would this team win the championship when the other team you were on couldn’t?

Asad Hamdani I just wanna say at he end of the day we are all winners putting strategic teams together and both teams making it to the finals bravo. Because we are a bunch of misfits that fit together. We built a team chemistry Khuram and I said t day one no egos and let’s not be afraid to bench the best player and accountability. We are a unit a well oiled machine we play off of each other strengths and I think we pick each other well

5- A lot of people have looked at this team, the chemistry, the pink shirts, the talent and said that there is no way that this team doesn’t come back for the Spring. Win or lose is the Suicide Squad here to stay? And if so how will this impact teams like Layth and Dynasty where your team is primarily from?

Khurram Syed: Suicide Squad is here to stay with some additions coming! We really feel we have built a nice core that can dominate SASL for a long time. Not worried about Dynasty. They will be fine. Final Note: “it’s been a great year for us! I have been on teams where we were 24-4 and not closed in the championship game. We know what we need to do and play our game the way we do which starts with our defense followed by our big bats in the middle. We play our game and I am confident we will be crowned champions on Sunday”

Asad Hamdani I agree I’m excited to see how our counter parts rebuild