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Questions and Answers with Dynasty’s Gaurav Bhasin

Gaurav Bhasin has captained team Dynasty to 4 finals appearances out of the last 5. He is a long time South Asian Softball League veteran.

With the SASL Fall finals upon us we caught up with the captain of Team Dynasty to talk to them about their journey to their 4th final in the last 5 seasons.

1 – What was the pivotal moment that defined your team this year?

Gaurav Bhasin – Our pivotal moment came against NSFW in game 2. We were up by 2 runs and a few guys had to leave going to the bottom of the 7th and NSFW up. We shuffled everyone around, I went to 3rd base. Saj went to RF. They scored one run. Then there was a batter on first with one out. The next batter hit the ball to shallow LCF. Omar made an amazing catch and threw out the runner on 1st who thought it was dropping to end the game. That defined our season at that point we felt we couldn’t lose.  That’s on the baseball field. The main pivotal moment that brought the team together was Aneesh having a massive heart attack. At the time he was our starting outfielder. When we found out about what happened it really brought the team together and we decided to dedicate the fall season to him.

2 – What was the one player who really surprised you with is contribution this year?

There are multiple people who stood out in fall. But if I had to pick one I would say Omar. He’s a quite guy who plays with a lot of heart and I think he’s one of the best outfielders in the league. People might not even know who he is but once we saw him in our tryouts I knew we wanted him on the team. He’s a difference maker. Gage’s addition as a pitcher who knows how to pitch and hit is integral. Leo, Jason, Bryan were also huge additions. The remaining dynasty guys also took it to another level. Harp is harp nothing more could be said about him.

3 – A lot of people left your team for dead, how does it feel to be back in the finals once again?

Honestly after the guys left the team I thought we werent coming back for fall. It’s hard to keep a team and harder to form an almost new team after losing the core. I do appreciate Naresh staying whereas he could’ve joined the super team Khurram built. I have no hard feelings for Khurram and wish him the best. After I found out that the remaining Dynasty guys wanted to play Saj and I went scouting. Asking Ammad, Anwar calling free agents. I had 4-5 guys that were willing to play with us that ultimately didn’t join to play on another team. Saj went to random fields and found guys. In the end we were fortunate to recruit our fall team. It was very hard and rewarding to make it to the finals. The chemistry is unbelievable. Having managed for the last 4 seasons let me tell you everyone has an ego. I will say people on this team have put them away or just don’t have them.

4 – Your team has made it to the finals 3 times winning once and losing twice. What’s different about this team that makes you feel like you will win it this time around?

We made it to the finals 4 times and won once. We lost to Ammad’s super team in fall and 2 times to Hit Squad. Including summer and fall. I felt the heart we showed against the first fall loss was unmatched. The other two losses just had a lot of negativity on the team and feel that loomed over us. I can’t make any excuses and it hurts to lose. But we pride ourselves on defense and staying quite and playing the right way. We have mostly older guys and enjoy each other’s Company on the team. Everyone is always picking each other up which is unbelievable. I hope our chemistry and dedication of the season to Aneesh results in victory for fall.

5 – Did you ever think that in your rookie year you would win a championship and then not win one for over a decade?  Is there anything that you wish that you did differently in all of your years playing?

I never would’ve imagined that I would’ve won only once having made it to the finals 4 times. I will tell you the reason for each of the 3 losses but history is history. Dynasty had merged with Hitmen, Spartans over the years and eventually dissolved. I decided 4 years ago to resurrect the team after being dormant. I’m just glad that at the  age of 41 I’m still able to be competitive and build a team with Saj that’s competitive. The only thing I would change is some of the friendships that were hurt for some time as a result of softball. I know everyone has felt it. The problem in the league is everyone has clicks and people jump on to certain team. We are a quieter team that has a tough time recruiting.