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Ultimate Frisbee

The Birth of a new League – Presenting Ultimate Frisbee

It began with a pickup game a year and a half ago became something a lot more.

Week after week more and more people began to show up.

Introducing the South Asian Ultimate League – an ultimate frisbee league.

The game is light and fun – scoring a touchdown with a frisbee.

Games are quick and fast paced with 5 men on either side.  You will run and you will sweat a lot!

For the inaugural season, we have 6 teams joining us.

They are the following.

Seal Team 6 – captained by Jack Yi

Game of Throws – by Adnan Hamdani

Frisbeasts – by Usman Khan and Sardar Asadullah

Sky Walkers – by Rashed Ahmad and Arshad Majid

Time 2 Disco – led by Zobi Hussaini

Frisbee Kings – led by Raza Dastgir

Shaping up to be an exciting year filled with fun, adrenaline and some great looking highlights. The league has already invested in a super hi-fi camera system that will track all of the players as they play!

The season starts on September 9th!