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SASN Launches Halal Food at Madison Square Garden

November 11th, 2018

Madison Square Garden announces the launch of Halal food at Madison Square Garden.  50 members of the South Asian Network and community members attended this historic event. The SASN community had reserved a private lounge.

The night began with Al Trautwig, Wally Szcberbiak, and Alan Hahn doing the pre-game show in the SASN lounge. They discussed the Knicks losing streak and the adjustments to the Knicks starting line up.

They then emptied out the suite for us and we quickly filled up the suite!

Madison Square Garden began to bring out the Halal dishes for the group to taste. Universally, the feedback was very positive about the food, variety and especially the taste!

Then…a surprise visitor came to meet the group. New York Knicks legend John Starks came for a visit.

A great time had by all as league members brought their families to the game. This was a great event for league members to have their friends and family meet up.

After the game was over we were taken down to the court to take a picture to commemorate the event and the launch of halal food at Madison Square Garden.

While we were on the court we ran into the NY Knicks broadcaster Walt “Clyde” Frazier!

Great night had by all!