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Ultimate Frisbee

Sky Walkers go undefeated in Ultimate

The South Asian Ultimate League season 1 is in the books. The Sky Walkers have gone undefeated and have held on to first place since the beginning of the season. 

The season began with the first game the Sky Walkers against Game of Throws and Zachary Ibrahim made the first pull as the Sky Walkers began their dominance of the SAUL. 

With the regular season over we have 5 teams making the playoffs. The playoffs are the following. 

Game of Throws (4) vs Time to Disco (5) the winner vs Sky Walkers (1)

Frisbee Kings (2) vs S.E.A.L. Team 6 (3) in a grudge match 

With the finals being played the following week.  

Congratulations to all who participated in the successful inaugural season. For those who are interested in obtaining more information about the Ultimate Frisbee league feel free to reach out to the organizers via the contact us form.