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SA-Cares – Water Pump Project

SASN has partnered with a few organizations around the world to begin building water wells. We have chosen the following countries for our program. We are focusing on India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka with Bangladesh to be added shortly. We have built roughly 20 water pumps in Sri Lanka. The prices are subject to change and are current when these were posted.

Each one of the charities that we are working with have

Pakistan Water Pump

Water Pump in Pakistan

Water Pump in Pakistan

Price: $150.00Buy Now

Sri Lanka – Water Pump

Water Pump in Sri Lanka

Water Pump in Sri Lanka

Price: $180.00Buy Now

India Water Pump

Water Pump in India

Water Pump in India

Price: $225.00Buy Now

Here are some water pumps that have been completed already!

Water pump in Sri Lanka

Kids using the water pump in Sri Lanka
Donated water pump by a group of friends called the “The Buds of NY”

Recipients of the water pump saying thanks for the donation
One of the biggest beneficiaries of water availability in the developing world are women and children. Women have to trek miles for water and leave themselves vulnerable when walking miles away from their villages.