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Asia Cup


The team that overachieved in the 2017 World Cup. in 2017 the team was not expected to do much. A dropped ball against the Dominican Republic cost them a trip to the final 4. The team was led by an energetic young cast led by Ahmad Halimi who slid into home and made a diving catch to beat India. Ahmad has now taken over the mantle as he is the captain of this team. This was the highest ranking team of all of the Asian teams in 2017.

Ahmad Halimi
Majid Raufi
Shekib Bashir
Mustafa Bashir
Omaid Halimi
Suliman Halimi
Ali Najimi
Ali Ahmedy
Ramin Rasuli
Wahid Omarzai
Yaqub Najimi
Hakim Najimi
Billal Lateef
Jawid Sarwar
Adeel Razzaq
Tariq Sidiqui