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Asia Cup

The United States of America

United States of America

The United States of America. The second place team in the 2017 tournament. They have largely brought back the same roster as last year. With the champions Ireland bringing in a completely new team. The United States is the favorite of this tournament. This team is captained by Charley Robinson and is sponsored by ICONOCLAST who designed all of the uniforms for this tournament.

John DeMartino (OF)
Chris Dilorio (3B/OF)
Dan Dilorio (SS)
Charley Robinson (1B/3B/OF)
Ramy Abdelhamid (OF)
Mike Kovacik (C)
Nick Caputi (P/C/1B)
John Sans (2B)
Keith Ginsberg (P)
Craig Cymerman (OF)
Jason Gregory (OF)
Gage Nestor (P/C)