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Asia Cup

SASN World Cup 2019 Recap

13 Countries competed for the SASN World Cup – Afghanistan and USA make it to the finals

At 7:00am Mitchell Athletic Field Complex in Uniondale opened its doors to the South Asian Sports Network World Cup. This event was coordinated by the Asian Advisory Agency of Nassau County. The event was held to showcase the vibrancy of the community and bringing the community together through one of the most unifying factors. Sports!

7:30am check in opens up:

The first game was held at 8:00am as China defeated Bangladesh to set the tone for the tournament. China, Korea, Italy, and Ireland were the unknown teams. How would they perform? The answer was very very well!

The results were the following in the pool play

USA 1-1 | Israel 2-0 | Italy 0-2

Pakistan 2-0 | Ireland 0-2 | India 1-1

Dominican Republic 0-2 | West Indies 2-0 | Afghanistan 1-1

Korea 1-1 | China 1-1 | Philippines 2-0 | Bangladesh 0-2

Ammad Sheikh the event organizer addressing the teams and the crowd about the event and its purpose
Bobby Kalotee discussing his work with the communities and how the bridges to the community need to continue to be built
Discussing how she would embarrass her kids at their sporting events. How the Asian Advisory Agency works on empowering the communities through events like these

Legislature Arnold Drucker talks about the commitment that the county has made to diversity and the best way to bring people together is through sports

Chairman of the Human Rights Commission Bobby Kalotee| Commissioner of Nassau County Police Patrick Ryder | Chairperson of the Asian American Agency of Nassau County Dr. Isma Chaudhry were on hand

Senator Kevin Thomas

Presiding Officer Richard Niccolello

County Executive Laura Curran

Legislature Arnold Drucker

Legislature Elen Birnbaum

All sent Citations to the teams and honored the captains on their contribution to their community.

All of the teams honorees
Senator Kevin Thomas with members of the Afghanistan team

In the beginning of the playoffs (knockout round )

Italy defeated India

Dominican Republic defeated Israel in a huge upset

Afghanistan defeated Ireland

USA defeated Korea

China defeated Bangladesh

Quarter Finals

Italy defeated Philippines 14-11

Afghanistan defeated Dominican Republic 7-5

USA defeated Pakistan 9-5

West Indies defeated Bangladesh 22-7

In the Semi Finals

Afghanistan 9-2 over Italy

USA 14-11 over West Indies


Afghanistan vs USA – Game pushed back due to rain. Afghanistan was up 4-1 in the top of the 2nd.

We would like to thank our sponsors who made it possible to have an amazing event.

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